‘Follow Me’

Follow Me by Hayes

Partly inspired by a mixture of the Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan & the modern technology his Oils on Canvas by Hayes is entitled “Follow Me”.

The inspiration for the blocks of colours comes from  Mondriaan’s bold use of coloured squares and rectangles in his . Mondriaan began producing grid-based paintings in late 1919, and in 1920, the style for which he came to be renowned began to appear. Mondriaan’s paintings arrive at what is to casual observers their definitive and mature form. Thick black lines now separate the forms, which are larger and fewer in number, and more of the forms are left white.

How the technology comes into it is really up to the viewer, only some of whom will be ‘smart’ enough to figure out.

Have you got the smarts to figure it out?

Follow Me by Hayes

Oil on canvas20 x 20 ins ( 50 x 50 cm )

Not for SALE

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