Albright-Knox show explores Joe Bradley’s diverse career

Considered individually, Joe Bradley’s various bodies of work seem to have emerged from entirely different brains.

There are his robot paintings of the mid-aughts – vaguely digital, 21st-century takes on color field painting. There are his childlike grease-pencil drawings on enormous canvases that evoke cave paintings. And then there are his gritty, multilayered de Kooning-esque abstractions, which contain the footprints of people who have walked over the canvases in his studio.

These distinct bodies of work and others, including the 42-year-old artist’s figurative sculptures, will go on view June 24 in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, in what the museum is calling the first large-scale museum exhibition of the artist’s work in North America.

“It became a challenge to figure out how this work comes from the same person: What’s the brain that’s producing these divergent bodies of work?” said Albright-Knox Senior Curator Cathleen Chaffee, who organized the exhibition. “I’m hoping this exhibition will allow people to see this eclectic, innovative mind at work.”

Source: The Buffalo News

Author: Art OnLine

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