An artist the left would love to forget


Jon McNaughton has been a “hidden man” in many respects. A conservative painter with extensive knowledge of his craft, he was far from being a household name – until Sean Hannity introduced him to America in 2012.

Sean and Jon intersected through a link in the Drudge Report. It noted that images of his painting, “The Forgotten Man,” had racked up millions of hits. Hannity seemed enthralled with the bold, outrageously populist sentiments of the piece, and he also appreciated it as a work of art.


Six feet across, “The Forgotten Man” is a visual show-down between President Obama and past U.S. presidents. In roughly chronological order, the massed presidents witness Obama defiantly standing on the Constitution. Naughton adds touches of history and political commentary in his portrayal of presidents past. Some are disturbed, others stolidly stare. Clinton, FDR and Teddy Roosevelt are applauding.

To the left, a melancholy man sits dejectedly, ignoring the gesturing crowd. This is McNaughton’s “Forgotten Man” or 21st century Everyman. It was the first time he used Obama as a central subject. “I was inspired to do this after they first passed the Obamaicare in 2010,” he explained.

Source: An artist the left would love to forget

Author: Art OnLine

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