Tim Armstrong work featured in Besse Gallery

The Besse Gallery at Bay College is proudly currently displaying the work of a truly talented artist.

He’s Minnesota native Tim Armstrong and his paintings are truly worth taking the time to go see.

Whether you are well versed in the world of painting or a complete novice there is something here for you to appreciate.

The thirteen piece collection, titled “Aesthete”, represents Tim’s sparse designs and spare pallet,

But to call it a collection is not really true. Tim actually doesn’t enjoy naming or categorizing his work. He told me that the display should be called “what Tim did for three years.”

Tim has been an artist his entire life but is a carpenter by trade and he sees the geometry of construction in his own works.

I asked him if there were other artist that people might draw parallels to if the wanted to understand his art better or perhaps someone else’s work they might enjoy if they like his work.

Source: Minnesotan Painter’s work featured in Besse Gallery

Author: Art OnLine

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