ALHC artist of the year

At the Art League of Henderson County holiday luncheon in December, members voted for Artist of the Year from among those members who have had been selected as Artist of the Month or Viewers’ Choice winners during the year. The 2016 Artist of the Year was Tina Duncan who had won in July for her large oil painting “Estatoe Falls.”

Duncan was moved by the recognition by her fellow artists and thanked them all for their support. “I wish to express my gratitude to my fellow artists in the Art League of Henderson County,” Duncan told them, “not only for voting me the honor of Artist of the Year but also for motivating me to learn more and work harder to become a better painter.”

One of the benefits of being a member of the ALHC, Duncan acknowledged, is the critique groups where members meet to show new paintings and get feedback from other artists. Duncan said the critiques and being able to exhibit at the Opportunity House each month has encouraged her to focus on the areas of her art she felt needed improvement. “I set a personal challenge for myself to paint rocks that glow and water with many colors,” Duncan said afterward. She enjoys painting local waterfalls for the challenge they present.

Source: Mountain Xpress

Author: Art OnLine

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