Why Kandinsky chose to make abstract art

With his abstract forms and bold colors, Wassily Kandinsky was a revolutionary. Hated by the Nazis, he not only painted, but taught other artists to think outside the box. He was born 150 years ago on December 4.

In 1910, Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky painted his first abstract watercolor. The following year, he presented his works in an exhibition held by the Neue Künstlervereinigung München, or Munich New Artists’ Association. It turned out to be a scandal.

“Either the majority of the members in this association are incurably insane or we’re dealing with a group of unscrupulous con men that very well know how to sensationalize the weaknesses of our contemporaries and try to take advantage of the large demand,” commented the newspaper “Münchener Neuste Nachrichten.”

For Europe’s avant-garde, Kandinsky’s abstract art was revolutionary.

Source: Kandinsky

Author: Art OnLine

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