Tori Patterson’s art examines identity formation

Her work will be on display at the main campus gallery through Sept. 22. The gallery is located on the first floor of the Arts Building, 3536 Butte Campus Drive.

For the show, Patterson was inspired by identity formation, loss and rebirth—the path in which humans become who they are.

There are 21 paintings in a varied mix of her work interpreting the subdued, flourishing, or sometimes messy angles of the self at a given time.

Defining the self does not mean these are clear-cut portraits. Instead, they range from abstractions and landscape to figure studies.

The paintings are colorful yet subdued, with expressive strokes, colors and twisted lines that unhinge a realistic interpretation. These are a study on affect and identity, where introspection, dreaming and confronting a more difficult narrative are embraced.

Patterson is a painter who works and lives in the New York City



Author: Art OnLine

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