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In my early days as an art market reporter, London’s most powerful dealer in modern art, Leslie Waddington, told me that, in his view, the most important 20th century European artist, after Picasso, Leger and Miro was Jean Dubuffet.

This may come as a surprise to those who think of Dubuffet as a practitioner of “art brut” – otherwise known as outsider art, or the art of the insane and untutored – which he also supported and collected from the late 1940s. While popularly collected by Dubuffet, the late Monika Kinley (creator of the Outsider Art Archive now at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester), or more recently, James Brett of the Museum of Everything, art brut has never commanded particularly high prices.

But Dubuffet was always much more than an outsider artist. In 1949 the influential American critic Clement Greenberg declared him to be “perhaps the one new painter of real importance to have appeared on the scene in Paris in the last decade”.

Source: Art Sales: there’s more to Dubuffet than art brut

Author: Art OnLine

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