Painter captures the data of climate change in stunning watercolors

Most paintings don’t come with an x- and y-axis. But for Jill Pelto, art is all about the numbers.

The artist, who graduated in December from the University of Maine with a degree in earth science and studio art, creates paintings based on graphs of data on the environmental effects of climate change.

Pelto’s paintings are based on several different data sets that measure glacial melt, animal populations and forest fires, among others. Each set focuses on the ways that climate change has affected these aspects of the environment.

Seven years ago, Pelto began assisting on a project led by her father, glacial researcher Mauri Pelto, to measure the health of the glaciers in Washington’s North Cascade National Park. The project, which measures snow depth across a wide area to determine to what extent the glaciers there recede each year, has been ongoing for 31 years.


Source: Painter captures the data of climate change in 7 stunning watercolors | PBS NewsHour

Author: Art OnLine

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