I miss the sunrises in Bray

Bray is well a very popular spot for all sorts of film makers and you’ll see plenty of ads on the telly that use the location to great effect. I liked Bray for the subject matter and I used to spend a lot of time in Bray taking photographs that I would later paint. The railings on the promenade in Bray was one of my first attempts at painting when I first started back in 2000. I really did prefer the colour of the railings back then. I hope they will eventually change the colour back.

Picture 046_artonline

I used to drop my son to school every morning and I can remember the stunning sun rises as we took a detour along Bray seafront. I’m sure they are still as spectacular as ever.  I miss the sunrises and those days.

Here are a couple of memories from my time around Bray.




Digital StillCamera

Winters day Bray

My Gallery

Author: Hayes

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